About Jen Jones

In a vibrant, dynamic nutshell, Jen is a photographer and creative powerhouse. Since graduation from Flagler College with a BA in graphic arts, Jen has been pursuing her passion for using creative outlets to celebrate love, adventure, food, and all that inspires a healthy lifestyle.

Her diverse skill set and intrepid spirit enable her to take on a variety of projects with professionalism and infectious sparkle. From small, local photo shoots to large collaborative productions that take her across the globe, she is equally in her element.

In 2012 she founded her own creative agency, Moxy International, as a home for collaborating with others and unifying her diverse interests and talents. In 2015 she joined the staff of The Kiteboarder Magazine as Art Director where she is in charge of the full design and layout for the quarterly print publication.

Always eager to try something new, Jen views every challenge as an opportunity for growth and adventure. This soulful surfer and sun-seeker frequently takes her office mobile, spending winters glamping in Baja, Mexico or roaming her home state of Florida in her VW bus. Every spring she returns with the wildflowers to the incredible Columbia Gorge and her Hood River base.

What Jen loves most about her work is building relationships with her clients and she is fortunate enough to have developed an amazing community in each of the many places she calls home. In addition to beachcombing, kiteboarding and all things ocean-related some of Jen’s favorite things include growing pumpkins in her garden, hip-hop dancing, afternoon bike rides, spontaneous singing, a warm cup of tea and laughing so hard her cheeks hurt.

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