Watson Bros x Moonshine Distillery

Yep, I'm doin' it. . . I'm blogging. I've only been telling myself that I "should" since 2008, but better late than never - eh?

I think 95% of the work or do - or shoots just for fun - get delivered to my clients and then live backed-up (and then back-up again) on hard drives. The drives sit on my desk until they're full and eventually move one-by-one to the shelf, with all the other long forgotten "archives". I don't like that story. My goal here is to change that :0) 

Here's some sk8ter boy love from a spontaneous shoot I joined in on, between my right hand man and his brother. These two have been working together since VHS tapes were around and it's always a ton of fun to watch AND get in on the action! (I can play as long as I stay out of the way).